The BASIC membership will give you access to exceptional PTRAA content allowing the busy tow operator to stay up-to-date with current events in the tow industry as well as legislative and regulatory issues.  A BASIC membership allows participation in all of PTRAA’s services and programs.

Price: $225.00

The GOLD Membership allows the member access to selected PTRAA services at no charge or at a discount.  It is for the tow company that choses to leave their membership rate at the ‘old’ level and wants to contribute to the financial stability of the association.

Price: $500.00

This membership category is offered to the tow company that wants to contribute the immediate growth and success of PTRAA.  Any membership services that are directly created by the association are offered at no cost or will be heavily discounted. Semi-annual meetings are held to get feedback and ideas for our Platinum members. They are recognized as the premium leaders by the tow industry in Arkansas. 

Price: $3,000.00